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The Warm Audio WA-76-Warmth Clarity and Definition

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Use a HUMAN Mastering, NOW 100% FREE to Everyone! I had an epiphany! Red Mesa is now a FREE Mastering Service to everyone and anyone! We will master up to 3 tracks per month, song, or stems in ANY genre to allow the thousands of Artists the opportunity to have their work mastered. We are a donation based service.  Please see our "GoFundMe" Campaign to help the cause! I lost some gear in an electrical storm, but I can still make your tracks POP!

Please see our Donation Page, If you can send us anything, great! if not, that's cool too! I am SO tired of the so called drag and drop ( "LDR" ) mastering service, that I've decided to offer my years of mastering FREE to everyone. This site is the same, my requirements are still the same. But now, it won't cost you a single RED cent! No pun intended!

Send us an Email with a valid address, and We'll set U up! Then Master Your Tracks 100% FREE!  We will still need to create your shared drive before you can upload tracks. Usually 1 to 2 business days, depending on schedule. Then about 3 days to get your tracks back to you mastered. It will be WORTH the wait! I'm working out the details for the donation page, but in the meantime, feel free to call, or send an email with questions!

Thank you for allowing Red Mesa the opportunity to master your hard work. It's an honor to be able to work on your music! I offer everything you expect from major studios. We've All heard about the new online mastering from "L#R", Upload your track,  pay  39 bucks drop your track into an unknown processing platform and Walla! your track is now mastered! WRONG!

We would wholeheartedly disagree that this option is true mastering grade quality for your tremendous hard work that you paid to have recorded and mixed.  Am I biased? You Bet I am!  Why?, Because MASTERING is an ART FORM much like your music that took weeks, sometimes months or even years to record, overdub layer, and mix down the way you wanted it to sound. What you will never get from a drag and drop mastering service, is a human touch that includes DAW based, and Analogue based high end gear with actual human experience and the feeling of just the right amounts of, Wide Band EQ, Compression, and Leveling! Personally I would never let an algorithm prepare my final version for distribution.   

More importantly you get a human being that is truly invested in your tracks to get them to sound rich full and that extra intangible feeling of the ART Form to which you SO deserve. I am SO confident that Red Mesa Mastering can Crush the daylights out of ANY fancy online service, I will refund every single penny if you feel my mastered tracks are not as full rich and deep as that so called drag and drop mastered non-sense service. Try out my brand new WarmAudio® WA-76 compressor for that flavor that ONLY an analogue mastering grade compressor and human experience can do for you! It's nothing short of astonishing! They have great marketing! I have great EARS!  We run your tracks through my incredible Burr-Brown PCM1795 DAC, Then process the file though the WA-76 for that sound you simply cannot find using a drag and drop service. Then I process the audio back through with PCM4220 ADC Converter  Using my the Tascam UH-7000. With a +/- 1.ppm It's nothing short of an amazing sonic transformation! We don't stop there either!

I started our hybrid web based mastering option for my customers to take advantage of today's state of the art virtual hybrid / digital and analogue audio solutions, and prepare to be amazed at what you get back when you are ready to take the last step before preparing your CD, Album, single tracks or any other medium.




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